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What Vegan Friendly Children's Books do you recommend?

Hi ROARSOME friends, I've decided to share the answers to the commonly asked questions that arrive in my inbox!

No #1 most popular...

What vegan friendly children's books do you recommend?

My current top picks!

  1. Sprig the Rescue Pig

I love Sprig and I love pigs, this is a wonderful tail ;) ;) of compassion and the wonderful role animals play in our lives and their yearning for freedom!

Also includes a bonus section 'More about Pig's' with some wonderful facts about pigs children will love!

2. Junebug

No life too small!

An awesome book about respecting the smallest forms of life... BUGS!

This book teaches a respect for ALL life big and small.

3. The Lorax

The original ECO-WARRIOR.

Written over 50 years ago but VERY relevant now.

The perfect read for children passionate about saving the planet!

4. The Vegan Dinosaur

Want to remind your child why being Vegan is so ROARSOME.

Ollie shares his journey to veganism and the positive impact it has on his health.

He demonstrates how one voice can make a BIG difference.

Happy reading, lots of love Ollie xx

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