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Vegan Valentine's Gifts for Kids

Sup friends, it's Ollie. I'm looking forward to Valentine's day this year I'm going to be treating my junior activists to some wicked gifts from my fav vegan supermarket!!

Y'all know it's the The Vegan Kind www.thevegankind.com

They have also given me a DISCOUNT CODE to share with my friends! SWEET.

Join the Kind Club!

To get 15% off all these goodies!! Use code BBOLLIE at checkout.

I've done the hard work for you and picked out some ROARSOME vegan valentine's day gifts for children and the whole family. Spread the LOVE.

P.S I've added a date night pack at the end for you couples, (18+ only!) .

I'm yet to find my dino other half so I shall be treating myself to a date night instead!

The Ultimate Valentines Day Box

"Be My Valentine" Gift Box

  • Lindt - Classic Vegan Hazelnut Bar (100g)

  • Love Raw - 2 Cre&m Filled Chocolate Wafer Bars (43g)

  • Swizzels - Giant Love Hearts (39g)

  • Biona Organic Pomegranate Hearts (75g)

  • Enjoy Chocolate - Vanilla Caramel

  • Raw Halo - Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt Organic Raw Chocolate (35g)

  • NOMO - Fruit & Crunch Chocolate Bar

"Tyson's Valentines"

Tyson Valentines Bundle includes:

  • Tyson The Chihuahua Cake (669g)

  • The Conscious Candy Co - Mallow Hearts (150g)

"Strawberry Hearts"

The Treat Kitchen - Vegan Strawberry Heart Gummy Sweets Bottle (400g)

There are loads of flavours to try in The Treat Kitchen's vegan gummies range.

Make sure you try them all!

"Cupid's Cola Hearts"

Who doesn't love cola flavoured candy!?

Heart-shaped too!

I've tried these and they're seriously 10/10


"Love Hearts"

A Valentine's day standard. Right?

My Mum used to leave these at the end of my bed for me to find on Valentine's day!!

What will yours say?

"The Best Hot Chocolate EVER"

  • Bar of Hasslacher's Easy To Melt Solid Cacao Chunks

  • Vegan Whipped Cream

  • Freedom Mallows Vanilla Mallows

  • Sweet Freedom Gingerbread Syrup

  • New England Cookie Co Choc Chip Cookies

  • TVK mug

"Chocolate Box"

  • NOMO - Caramel Filled Chocolate Bar

  • Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

  • Love Raw - Cre&m Filled Chocolate Wafer Bars

  • iChoc - Organic Choco Cookie

  • Buttermilk Caramel Nougat Bar

  • Moo Free White Buttons

The Conscious Candy Co

White Jazzie Bar (100g)

Jazzie's were my favourite sweet as a child!

This is a giant one!!

"Mini Love Heart Bath Bombs"

Miniature bath bombs packed with relaxing essential oils.

Suitable for all ages.

"Peace Love Vegan Colouring Book"

Fourteen beautiful illustrations to colour - each with its own vegan message, plus fourteen pages with writing prompts and gratitude journal.

"Watermelon Bubble Bath"

Yummiest smelling bubble bath!!

Sunday rain has the nicest smelling products EVER..

Their bubble berry is my second fav but nothing beats watermelon for me!!

"Curry Meal Deal"

Save a staggering 27% off RRP and make your vegan butter chicken curry night one to remember with our carefully curated selection of plant-based chicken, two different canned meals, rice, chutney, poppadoms and naan. What a feast!


Thomson & Scott - Organic Vegan Noughty - Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine (75cl)

Noughty is made from 100% Organic Chardonnay grapes.

It's for the next generation of wine drinkers who want to know what's in their bottle and cut down on alcohol and sugar.

Perfect for date night!

"I Love You Gin Lolly"

A delicious giant alcoholic Raspberry Gin lollipop made with real gin, stamped with an ‘I Love You’ logo.

"Vegan Condoms"

  • transparent

  • lubricated

  • cylindrically shaped condom with reservoir

  • nominal width: 54 mm

  • length: 200 mm

  • thickness: 0.065 mm

  • certified by the Vegan Society

  • FSC mix certified carton

  • Made in Germany

  • Pack of 10

And that's a wrap ;) sorry couldn't help myself...


Have a fantastic Valentine's Day with your families, friends and vegans!!

Lots of love Ollie xxx

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