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Have you read 'This Is Vegan Propaganda' yet? - Ollie's review!

"Arguments against veganism fully debunked"

- Ollie the Vegan Dinosaur

Here is my review for 'This is Vegan Propaganda'

(And Other Lies the Meat Industry Tells You) by Ed Winters.

Want to win every argument against veganism?

You need this book.

“Every time we eat, we have the power to radically transform the world we live in.”


An epic truth from an epic influence.

IT'S FULL OF FACTS. Facts supported by extensive research in plain-spoken language revealing an INDISPUTABLE case for veganism.

It's persuasive, NOT condemning just like and as powerful and honest as his speeches,

I can hear him speaking each word I read.

It is inspiring for vegans, eye-opening for the world.

The most important book of 2022.

Read the book, gift the book, leave in coffee shops and bring it to book club!

Let's do ALL we can to support the movement for the animals and our planet.

Lots of love Ollie xx

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